Ice Climbing

Thrill seekers looking for the world renowned extreme sport of ice climbing can find it in Ontario’s Algoma Region. Over one hundred ice climbs in fourteen different spots have been discovered in the surrounding area. Beginners and more experienced climbers can enjoy varying levels of difficulty and challenges!

Because Algoma wilderness is remote, it is relatively unexplored by climbers. Each new winter season brings a new twist to ice climbing locations and even practice routes completed by guides can be first ascents.

Climbs vary depending on where you choose to go. Ice climbing excursions to Agawa Canyon have views of the famous landscape cut into the Canadian Shield, Montreal River Harbour excursions give climbers a spectacular view of Lake Superior’s wild coastline. Stand at the base of a glittering 12 foot thick wall of ice to an ascent of 20 meters to 100 meters high and up. Expert guide services will assist you during a climb and once you’ve reached the top your picture is taken as a souvenir of your achievement and your efforts are recorded in their log book.

An ice climb is an amazing adventure for those looking for something a little more thrill seeking. To plan an ice climbing trip to Algoma, look up our Members’ Directory for guide services and accommodations.

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To plan your next ice climbing trip in Algoma, visit any of our members listed below.

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