Buzz Brass


  February 25, 2023 - February 26, 2023

Presented by Algoma Conservatory Concerts – Classical Series

Program: Famous Inspirations – Thanks to outstanding original transcriptions, rediscover famous compositions from the turn of the 20th century by giants such as Debussy, Ravel, Dvořák, Liszt and others, including Khachaturian’s celebrated Sabre Dance. The programme, as inspired as it is inspiring, consists of veritable timeless masterpieces that all audiences will be able to appreciate. Come and hear these works under the new incomparable light that Buzz Brass casts upon them !

Musicians: Sylvain Lapointe (founder|trumpet), Frédéric Gagnon (solo trumpet), Pascal Lafrenière (horn), Jason de Carufel (trombone), Sylvain Arseneau (bass trombone).

Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th, 2023 – 7:30 pm @ The Loft

Phone Number: 705-253-4373

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