Gardening 101 Workshop

This event has ended. Please check back for next year's information.

  May 7, 2022 - June 4, 2022

Fee / Admission: $40.00 (4 Part Workshop) or $12.00 (Per Drop-in Class)

Get your gardening gloves and pots ready…

In this workshop we will cover the basics of vegetable gardening; whether you have or want to start an indoor or outdoor garden.

​Ages 17+ come down to YOUR museum to learn more about Gardening 101!

May 7th: What & Where to Plant, & What You’ll Need
May 14th: Container vs. Traditional Gardening, & How to Start/Plant Your Seed
May 28th: Maintaining: Watering, Weeding, Special Care, and Gradual Harvest
May Long Weekend: NO CLASS, enjoy the sunshine!
June 4th: Harvesting, Next Season Prep., Preserving

Workshops start each week at 1:00 pm and end around 2:30 pm.

We will provide supplies to try and get hands-on experience seeding and planting. As well as provide physical and digital resources for you to better grasp the material and continue to learn after the workshop.

Phone Number: 705-759-7278

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