SoundKing Festival 2022

This event has ended. Please check back for next year's information.

  September 8, 2022 - September 8, 2022

SoundKing Fest is a multi non-consecutive day festival created by SoundKing Entertainment Inc and SoundKing Afro-Canada in 2021.

It aims to promote and give Afro-Canadian artists a platform to perform and showcase their talents to the world. With afrobeat becoming a global genre, here in Canada our own small industry is growing steadily. Luckily we are blessed with amazing creatives coming from different countries across Africa. Through Soundking Fest, participating artists will be given the right platform and exposure to get themselves out there for the world to see.

The Machine Shop will be hosting the event on Thursday, Sept. 8th from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m., and tickets are still available for purchase online.

Phone Number: 705-759-9090

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