Spirit ’20


  October 1, 2023 - October 1, 2023

Born out of one of the most acclaimed and appreciated chamber music festivals in the world, Festival of the Sound, Spirit ’20 brings masterful musicianship to some of the most popular music ever to emerge from the United States and Europe. Though just outside living memory for most of us, the roaring twenties nevertheless remain a favorite sound, transporting us to a mysterious and lively time of change, innovation and musical rebellion. As celebrated master composer Dr. Allan Gilliland says of the group, “[T]he depth of their knowledge and experience is staggering and together they form one of the most unique chamber groups I have ever heard. They captivate audiences wherever they go …[T]he reception and enthusiasm for the group has been overwhelming…”

6 of North America’s finest chamber music players – on tour:
James Campbell – clarinet
Mark Fewer – violin
John Novacek – piano
Guy Few – trumpet/voice
Chloe Dominguez – cello
Christian Sharpe – bassoon

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Phone Number: 705-253-4373

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