The Solemn Land – Nature and Art as Works in Progress

This event has ended. Please check back for next year's information.

  September 26, 2022 - September 30, 2022

Fee / Admission: $1,280 +hst

Based on this ebook by Tagona Press about the Group Of Seven Canadian painters, and by special invitation from the publisher to our Photography Adventures group, we are offering a 3-day/4-night photo workshop at a unique rustic northern lodge which, up till now, has only catered to cross-country skiers!

We are pioneering an experience that promises to become a go-to destination for photographers worldwide.

All meals are included at the lodge and packed for the trail and road trips. After each day filled with extraordinary colourful autumn landscapes, waterfalls and the greatest of Great Lake scenery, it’s wine and local craft beers in the “Clubhouse” while watching our own slide shows and sitting around together with laptops editing our shoots. Ongoing photography tutoring and “shop talk” from leader Phil Norton and other accomplished participants.

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Photo by Gary McGuffin from the book, “The Solemn Land” (used with permission)

Phone Number: 613-827-3214

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