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Enjoy this unique experience through the gorgeous Algoma Highlands and spend a peaceful and relaxing time at Norm’s Cabin! The best part of what’s at Norm’s is the surrounding natural beauty and tranquility, but the cabin itself runs a close second.

In Winter Norm’s Cabin can only be accessed by skiing the 9.5km ski trail run by Stokely Creek Lodge. There is an alternate snowshoe access but the trail is not signed or marked. The property itself is owned by the Algoma Highlands Conservancy, whose mission is to conserve and protect the unique beauty and ecological integrity of key areas within the Algoma Highlands region.
During the winter season, the rooms at Norm’s cabin are available for rental for completely self-supported skiers: you will need to ski in your own gear (including sleeping bag and pillow), food and other supplies, as there is no shuttle service. Norm’s cabin is accessible via the trail system that is being groomed and maintained by Stokely Creek Lodge. You will therefore need to purchase a trail pass at the lodge’s office, where you can get a map and up-to-date information on the best route considering weather and trail conditions.

For winter reservations, please note that:
1. Norm’s Cabin is always open to day-skiers who can use the ground floor any time to rest, warm up, eat their lunch or just visit. Day users do not have access to the second floor, which is reserved for paying guests. Bedroom doors can be locked when paying guests are absent from the lodge.
2. The Algoma Highlands Conservancy provides a host on Saturdays and Sundays to serve day skiers. One bedroom will be reserved for the host. Paying guests will therefore be sharing cabin facilities with the host when their visit coincides with the host’s presence, thus often limiting the number of rooms available to one.
3. There is a waiver to complete prior to heading to the cabin. Due to the remote nature of the cabin in winter, responsibility for cleaning is left to the guests. Cleaning and sanitizing supplies will be supplied for their use.
Winter reservations are available when snow conditions permit (usually from mid-December until late March).

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