Package: Norm’s Cabin


Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes

Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes have everything covered for your planned hiking adventures in Ontario’s Algoma Country! Owners Carole Blaquiere and Chris Kuntz strive to ensure that your adventure is safe and enjoyable.

Enjoy this unique hiking experience through the gorgeous Algoma Highlands and spend a peaceful and relaxing time at Norm’s Cabin! The best part of what’s at Norm’s is the surrounding natural beauty and tranquility, but the cabin itself, runs a close second.

Norm’s Cabin can only be access by hiking or biking the 8km on trails used by Stokely Creek Lodge. The property itself is owned by the Algoma Highlands Conservancy, whose mission is to conserve and protect the unique beauty and ecological integrity of key areas within the Algoma Highlands region.

We at Blaq Bear provide a service to transport all your gear, supplies and drinking water to the cabin so that you only need to bring a small daypack for your trip in. The cabin will be cleaned according to public health guidelines to ensure your safety and transportation of your supplies will be done using personal protective gear to limit exposure.

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