Always Wanted to Sled in Canada?

Updated: By Chris Hughes

Ontario’s Algoma Country has been Welcoming US Riders for Decades and Here’s Why. 

If you haven’t started planning your 2019 Algoma snowmobile trip, it’s not too late. Sure you might be asking yourself, “why would I want to travel north to Canada to go snowmobiling when there are perfectly good trails where I am?” A solid question, but you and your fellow US riders have been venturing to Canada’s Algoma Country for years, and there’s good reason why.

Every year at the Novi Snowmobile Show in Michigan we have hundreds of raving fans stop by our booth and tell us that it truly is the best place to ride on the planet. They then become our ambassadors and begin chatting up other show going sled heads, convincing them that it’s an easy pull up I75, across the Soo Bridge and into the snowmobile promise land.

To temp your throttle thumb, we’ve made a list of the top 5 reasons for riding in Canada this year.

The Snow.  We’ve all heard of lake effect snow, but Algoma Country has the benefit of being located on the right side of a massive snow-making machine (Lake Superior). The Northwest winds whip up and it dumps, big time. A riding season from late December to the end of March is usually a solid performance.


No one to Wave at.  Not that we are anti social or don’t observe trail etiquette (we are friendly Canadians after all), but there is only a fraction of the riders here as compared to our cross border cousins. The number one comment that we hear is “We rode all day and only saw a bakers dozen (13) other sleds.” We don’t make this stuff up. Because of the vast quantity of trails in Algoma, and the distance for other Ontario riders to get here, it really is a Michigan snowmobiler’s private paradise. Now don’t tell too many people when you get home or we will have to yank this one from the Top 5.


Experience Real Rugged Canadian Wilderness. Yep, just like the post card Aunt Martha sent you from her last trip to Canada minus Wayne Gretzky or Justin Beiber. Jagged rock cuts, snow covered trees, and trails that wind along deep river valleys that will force you to take off your warm gloves, unzip your jacket and pull out that smart phone to capture your own moment… more than once. It’s safe wilderness too as long as you gas up when you are supposed to, ride within your means and don’t eat the moose droppings along the trail. Contrary to what your buddies will tell you, they are NOT Canadian chocolate covered almonds.


Cahhhhhhh Ching. Have you looked at the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar lately? For every $1USD you will currently get $1.30CAD. That is a 30% bonus. This right here is reason enough to get you packing for your snowmobile trip to Algoma. More money in your pocket means you can buy more Canadian souvenirs to take home, like; a toque, butter tarts, maple syrup, and 6.5% beer.


No Guess Work. We all know that planning a trip can be stressful, and we all just want to ride.  That’s why we developed a series of pre-planned routes that are as easy to figure out as the heated seats in your truck. Simply visit Sled Algoma, pick your riding style and chose from a list of options based on your group size, or distance you want to cover.


See you in Canada Eh!

Now that you have made up your mind and are coming to Algoma Country for an epic snowmobiling experience, and since we are so nice and friendly, we thought there are a few items you should remember, and be aware of to make your trip as awesome as we have said it would be:

  • Border crossing essentials:
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Registration and proof of insurance for tow vehicle and trailer
    • Sled registration and proof of insurance including third party liability coverage
  • Don’t feel like trucking your sled? Relax you can also rent.
  • To ride your sled in Ontario, you need an OFSC Trail Permit. Order online today.
  • Order an Algoma Snowmobile Map before your trip.
  • Sorry you can’t bring your firearms into Canada.
  • We use the metric system to measure how fast we go and how much fuel our sleds take.
    • 30 miles per hour = 50 kilometres per hour (posted trail speed)
    • 1 mile = 1.6 kilometres
    • 1 gallon = 3.79 litres


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Chris rides motorized things to find bakeries and butcher shops. Official SnoScoot Ambassador, and avid promoter/developer of motorsports destinations and culture.

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