Who Are We

Our Vision Statement

The Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association positions the Algoma region as an internationally recognized iconic Canadian travel destination.

Our Mission Statement

The Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association is a not for profit tourism industry organization that supports growth of tourism through partnership, product development, research, education and marketing.


This Association is a stand-alone organization that has four full time employees. Our office is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our geographic area is from the town of Spanish to Sault Ste. Marie to White River, up to Hearst to Chapleau to Elliot Lake and Spanish.  The geographic size is approximately 28,000 square miles.

We are a not for profit incorporated Association that represents members and partners located within its geographic borders. Our membership is as diverse as the tourism product located here, from small privately owned motels, to branded full service motels, to fishing lodges and soft outdoor outfitters.

The Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association is an organization that has been representing the tourism industry in Algoma since 1974. Throughout our forty-three years in business, Algoma has undergone many changes, at Board and staffing levels and programming. In 2013, we updated our brand, and developed a new five year business/marketing/communication plan that is now into its fourth year of implementation. Our re-brand, changed our marketing look and feel and took into account the new regional model now developed in the province. It has been a great decade for our organization and through the hard work of staff, the Board of Directors and our consistent support by the industry we are considered leaders in tourism in Northern Ontario.

Our Board of Directors

David MacLachlan – Past President
Rob Murphy – Spanish
Carol Trainor – St. Joseph Island
Robin MacIntyre – Sault Ste. Marie/Searchomnt
Al Errington – Chapleau
Pat Dubreuil – Dubreuilville
Pat Peterson – Bruce Mines/Vice President
Frank O’Connor – Northshore of Lake Superior
Donna Agich – Hornepayne
Gillian Lloyd – Mississagi Valley
MaryKaye Karhi – Thessalon area
Jeanne Morgan – White River
Tricia McDonald – Elliot Lake
Betty Ann Dunbar – Blind River
Sylvie Fontaine – Hearst

Ex-Officio Board Members:

Jim Grayston – OTMPC Northern Office
Pamela Jalak – Parks Canada
Kathy Fisher – Culture