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Family Fishing in Algoma Country

August 8, 2023 By Mark Melnyk

I’ve been travelling through Algoma Country for years. Exploring the area for work, experiencing many of the activities, and fisheries the area has become so famous for. It wasn’t until I decided to take my family on a trip to Algoma that it hit me square in the face that I had been missing out […]

Walleye on the Fly in Algoma

August 7, 2023 By Mark Melnyk

One of Ontario’s most popular game fish to target is the walleye. There is little arguing that statement. Fishing walleye is just reserved for conventional anglers… Right? Wrong! Technology in fly fishing allows anglers to now see great success targeting walleye on the fly – a GREAT success. Several fishing lodges in Algoma now understand […]

Drive-in Fishing Vacations

July 31, 2023 By Karl Kalonka

Do you really have to fly in to experience world-class fishing for bass, walleye, giant northern pike or trophy trout? Absolutely not. Fly-in fishing adventures are true bucket list experiences that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. But a lot of those social media posts with folks holding huge fish caught across […]

Fab 4 Fishing Destinations

July 15, 2023 By Karl Kalonka

I get asked by a lot of people which ‘exact’ locations should they consider based on my own personal experiences fishing in Ontario’s Algoma Country for either smallmouth bass or walleye. This is not an easy question to answer because we have been blessed to be able to fish so many different lakes and river […]

7 Essentials for Predator Fly Fishing

July 5, 2023 By The So Fly Crew

The majority of fly anglers out there have the tools and equipment they need for their day-to-day trout fishing. It really doesn’t take much. A rod and reel set up with a floating line, a tapered leader and maybe a small net. With the growing interest in targeting Ontario’s other species on the fly, some […]

Picking Your Fishing Trip

June 11, 2023 By Heather Bot

Algoma Country is known for outdoor adventure. It’s a landscape of 28,000 square miles with thousands of lakes, streams and rivers. The region is home to Ontario’s popular fish species: northern pike, walleye, bass, salmon, species of trout, and muskie. And panfish like whitefish and perch. The region has three types of trips you can […]

Housekeeping or American Plan

December 14, 2022 By Heather Bot

When it comes to planning your outdoor adventure in Algoma Country, there’s a lot to think about. Because there’s a lot to do! Where to stay is going to be at the top of the list. The Algoma region is home to a variety of accommodations: hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, campgrounds, lodges, resorts, and […]

How to Preserve Nature in Algoma

June 27, 2022 By Heather Bot

As residents of Algoma Country, we’re lucky to be located in beautiful Northern Ontario! Surrounded by beautiful forests, pristine lakes and rivers, wildlife and clean fresh air. There’s a lot of adventure here and a lot to protect. We’ve put together a list of ways you can help to preserve nature in Algoma’s natural surroundings. […]

Allure of the Splake

February 2, 2022 By James Smedley

There are many reasons to drill a hole in the ice in Algoma Country. As I stand on a midsized inland lake, where pine and cedar grip a rocky shoreline that plunges steeply through the lake’s icy surface, it’s clear that the dramatic snow-clad landscape is one of them. Other reasons dwell beneath the frozen […]

Algoma’s Alpha Bass

May 5, 2021 By Karl Kalonka

The meaning of the word “Alpha” according to the dictionary is described as (an animal) having the highest rank in a dominant hierarchy. Ontario’s Algoma Country is home to many sought-after species with fins but the smallmouth bass can be found just about everywhere or anywhere you fish throughout the entire region. For me personally, […]

Pure Painted Perfection – Brook Trout

April 27, 2021 By Mark Melnyk

The first time you lay eyes on the pure painted perfection that is an Algoma Country eastern brook trout, there is a good chance you’ll be moved.  One of the most aggressive fish in any watershed, brook trout are fantastic adversaries on the fly and readily eat most offerings.  From swinging big articulated streamers to […]

Walleye Wonderland

April 23, 2021 By Karl Kalonka

The walleye is by far one of the most sought-after species of fish that inhabit the thousands of lakes and rivers across Ontario’s Algoma Country. Every season, anglers from across the world book vacations to this region to enjoy the stress-free, wilderness environments of this beautiful landscape and fish for the famous marble-eyed critter that […]

Smallmouth Bass on the Fly

April 20, 2021 By Colin McKeown

Bass, both smallmouth and largemouth, are arguably one of the most popular species of fish to target with a fishing rod. They are also, arguably, one of the strongest freshwater fish pound-for-pound anglers can catch and release. These are but two basic reasons why bass is so popular to target on a fly rod. That, […]

Fly-in Fishing Trips

March 16, 2021 By James Smedley

It’s a given that remote fly-in fishing lodges, accessible only by air, offer tremendous angling on unpressured waters. Anglers from all over the world visit northern Ontario’s Algoma Region because it offers some of the best fishing in the world. Heading into the woods for a week-long fishing vacation might cost a bit of money, […]

The Elusive Northern Pike of Algoma

February 8, 2021 By Mark Melnyk

Every single guide you fish with will have the same advice while fishing for Northern pike, “make sure you fish it right back to the boat and don’t ever take your eyes off the fly!” Every single guide that says this is 100% correct. Fishing for pike on the fly is one of the most […]

Experience a Fly-In Remote Outpost

February 5, 2021 By Mark Melnyk

There are 5 senses in the human body: touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. The sensing organs: your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and skin help us navigate the world – safely. In today’s rat-raced, fast-paced world, we experience all five senses every second of every minute. However, we tend to deviate from recognizing the most […]

Algoma That Destination for Fly Fishing

December 7, 2020 By Mark Melnyk

Algoma Country in Ontario’s north has been a destination for anglers for decades. Vast landscapes dotted by nearly countless bodies of water, dissected by even more rivers, creeks and streams make the entire area a sports paradise. Though there are many species, lodges and regions within Algoma Country to fish, and several businesses have realized […]

The Bass & Trout of Algoma

September 18, 2020 By Mark Melnyk

The word “world-class” gets thrown about a LOT and has almost become a cliché in the angling world, however, if you are truly vested, take your time and do your research, you will find World Class angling opportunities right here. Opportunities for trophy fish in the Algoma region are basically endless no matter the species […]

A Return Fishing Trip to Algoma

December 5, 2019 By Wil Wegman

It was our last morning fishing beautiful northern Lake Huron out from Blue Heron Resort on the Spanish River. The rocky terrain was quite similar to that of this Great Lake’s Georgian Bay way to the south where fishing partner Doug Wadden and I have each spent far more time, yet in some respects, it’s […]

An Early Bass Fishing Trip To Algoma

June 27, 2019 By Wil Wegman

For many years now, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the early catch-and-release bass fishing season that New York State has to offer. Trips to lakes like Chautauqua or Oneida at the end of May or early June were a great way to get a head start on the late opener we have throughout […]

Walleye & Brook Trout Gold in Algoma

October 18, 2017 By Fish'n Canada

Fish’n Canada had a couple of interesting shoots in the 2017 season in the Algoma region of Ontario. First was a trip to Blue Fox Camp for a shot at world-class brook trout in tiny lakes. The other was Loch Island Lodge for walleye. The Blue Fox shoot didn’t disappoint. Angelo took the reigns on […]

A Tasty Fish Recipe

August 30, 2017 By Heather Bot

Whether you are pan-frying, oven cooking, or steaming your fish, it’s all good but this favourite recipe is definitely deep-fried fish breaded in cornflake crumbs. Ingredients 2 – 3 lbs of boneless fish fillets 2 cups of sifted flour ½ tsp of seasoned salt ½ tsp of onion powder 1 tsp of lemon pepper with […]

Fall Fishing for Steelhead in the St. Marys River

October 21, 2016 By Robert LaRue

Fishing in the fall for most anglers is probably one of the best times to catch that big trophy they’ve been looking for all summer. Depending on the species, the cooler water temperatures allow some to feed longer in the mornings and evenings. Steelhead specifically, which we were fishing for just past Thanksgiving, are active […]

10 Fishing Tips for Algoma Walleye

February 5, 2016 By Mark Romanack

1. Walleye are found in shallow water more often than most anglers realize. Concentrate your search for walleye in water 15 feet deep or less and more often than not you’ll be zeroed in on the best walleye water in most lakes. 2. Low-stretch super braids or fused fishing lines are ideal for walleye jigging […]

Fly Fishing with Mice Patterns

December 17, 2015 By Colin McKeown

For fly fishers, using mice patterns on the surface can lead to some of the most explosive and exciting takes. Mice may be cute but to big predatory fish, they are an easy meal. Mice often fall off grassy banks and out of trees into the water. Big predators such as smallmouth bass, northern pike […]