Since 1974, the Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association has represented the tourism industry within it’s geography of 28,000 square miles. Algoma Country is dedicated to promoting our area as “That real” travel destination. Our goal is to increase tourism revenue for not only our Partners but also the whole region. Through a partnership with Algoma Country our organization looks to market your business to region’s best bet markets.  Our partnerships with both Destination Northern Ontario and Destination Ontario leverage our marketing and product development efforts for the region. The Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association is a not-for-profit membership-based tourism industry organization that supports the growth of tourism through partnership, product development, research, education and marketing.

Partnership runs from January 1 to December 31 each year.

Benefits of Partnership

As a partner, you receive one vote at the Annual General Meeting which is held at the end of each year. Each partner receives a newsletter once a month with industry news and information.  Partners will receive an online partner profile page on

This profile page on the Algoma Country site includes:

  • 350 – 400 word business description.
  • Complete contact information (mailing address, phone number, email and website link).
  • Location displayed on Google Maps.
  • One feature photo and 8 supporting photos.
  • Up to 4 videos displayed on the partner page.
  • Your profile will feed throughout the site in the specific categories.
  • Opportunities to post packages on your profile page.

Existing Partners: Update Your Partner Profile here

Content Submission

As a partner, you can submit photography or video to all Algoma Country social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube). Editorial may also be submitted for the Algoma blog or the

Algoma Travel Guide

As a partner, you receive a full business listing in the Business Directory of the Algoma Travel Guide, which includes contact numbers, email address and website.


The Algoma Travel Guide is published annually and updated to include any changes to both the partner listings and business listings. The Algoma Travel Guide is distributed throughout the year to target markets and sport shows attended by Algoma Country.

The following is a list of avenues of distribution:

  • Regional and Provincial Travel Centres in Ontario
  • All trade shows attended
  • Available for both download and online viewing
  • 1-800 inquiries and website inquiries
  • Bulk requests by information centres or groups hosting events

Media Familiarization Tours

Over the course of the year Algoma hosts media FAM tours based on product match. We look to our partners for support to host the different type of media coming to our great region.

Online Reservations

Algoma through a partnership with Destination Northern Ontario and Meridian Reservation Systems have launched on online reservation system for our partners. Partners with Algoma have the ability to utilize the Meridian System for online bookings. For more information about this partnership program please contact us.

Online Packages

Packages are displayed online throughout the Algoma Country website and require partners to participate in the Meridian Reservation System. Partners looking to post packages without Meridian may do so but will not include a “Book Now” button but rather a “Learn More” button.  The packages without the integration of Meridian will only appear on the partner’s profile page. Submit your package here.

Contact Us

To learn more about partnership with Algoma Country, please contact us at



Algoma Travel Guide


Meridian Reservation System