Aubrey Falls Provincial Park is a Perfect Day Trip

Highway 129 is one of the most scenic places in Ontario

Updated: By Greg Sacco

Aubrey Falls is a true hidden gem situated in Aubrey Falls Provincial Park, Mississagi River Valley, located 109 km north of Thessalon. It makes a perfect day trip to enjoy Algoma’s diversity. The landscapes change as you make your way up picturesque Highway 129 North winding beside the Mississagi River. The whole drive is scenic and makes sure to keep watch for wildlife (especially while driving at night) on your journey as the area is remote. To reach the falls there are signs posted along the highway for parking. Click here for Google Maps route(s).

The hike is short and well worth it when the falls are operational. The falls are unique as the flow of water is dam-controlled due to its location below the generating station above. Sometimes the flow is greatly reduced and may even be shut off at night. It is also not open between October and Victoria Day.

The trail to the falls is a 2-km round trip and easy to follow. Once you’ve crossed the small bridge over the gorge follow the rest of the trail to the viewing area with a picnic table and metal fence. It’s a great area to enjoy Aubrey’s 7+ different waterfall chutes.


Views over the small bridge crossing on the hike to the falls.


Morning sunlight punches through the clouds illuminating the rock ledge and falls.


A beaver seen swimming in Aubrey Falls Provincial Park on a misty morning in late May.


When you spot the hiker you will see the scale! (Hint: Top right)

Some food/fuel options available in the area:

Black Creek Outfitters & Store
Food, Fuel and Lodging
PH: (705) 841-2555

Aubrey Falls Trading Post
Food and Lodging
(249) 525-5296

Tunnel Lake Trading Post
Food and Fuel
PH: (705) 841-2508


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