Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Stories:

Allure of the Splake

February 2, 2022 By James Smedley

There are many reasons to drill a hole in the ice in Algoma Country. As I stand on a midsized inland lake, where pine and cedar grip a rocky shoreline that plunges steeply through the lake’s icy surface, it’s clear that the dramatic snow-clad landscape is one of them. Other reasons dwell beneath the frozen […]

Winter Getaways in Algoma Country

January 14, 2022 By Heather Bot

With an average snowfall of 10 feet, the region makes for the perfect winter vacation destination for those that love this season. If you’ve never had a ‘snow’ vacation in Ontario before, Algoma is the perfect place to experience why it’s just so much fun to play in the snow. Winter Adventure Starts Here Who […]

My First Ice Fishing Season

December 1, 2021 By The So Fly Crew

Hey. Hi. Hello. My name is Aldo. I live in downtown Toronto, and I’m a fly fisherman. During the winter I usually tie flies, and if the rivers close to the GTA stay unfrozen, I like to chase some Great Lakes Steelhead. This year though, I wanted to get into and learn more about ice […]