5 Reasons to Book a Fly-in Fishing Trip

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You know a fishing trip is going to be amazing when it starts with a float plane ride, the workhorse of the north. A PLANE, taking you to go fishing. It’s a wild, wild experience I will simply never tire of. What can you expect when planning your own fly-in trip? In this article, I’ll outline the ins and outs of a float plane trip, and hopefully, get you inspired to book your very own.

Let’s fly!


If you’re flying into a spot to fish, chances are it’s because road access is non-existent. When road access to a fishing spot simply isn’t an option, there’s one thing pretty much guaranteed – the fishing is going to be mind-blowingly-life-changing-epic. You fly into remote locations because you’re looking for an experience unlike any other – a wild, untouched, middle-of-nowhere kind of experience, where nature will swallow you up given the chance. Fly-in trips take you places many people simply have not been to. If you’re not excited by the incredible fishing possibilities or the wild, adventure you’re sure to experience, well give your head a shake there, bud.



Before you even hop on the plane, you’ll have to decide which kind of fly-in experience you’re looking for. In Ontario, you can fly in to remote full-service fishing lodges, complete with beds, power, showers, kitchens, fresh baked muffins and staff that say hello in the morning. OR you can fly in to outpost cabins for a DIY, guided or non-guided trip to extremely remote destinations. I’ve done both and loved them equally. But a DIY trip takes extra planning, like bringing along food, safety items like medical kits, and of course a few crispy pops to enjoy at the end of the day. Before you fly, ask the air service about weight restrictions.


When you arrive for your flight, the first thing you’ll have to do is weigh the people flying on the plane – a group weighing so to speak. Then, the luggage gets weighed. They do this because only a certain amount of weight can be brought on board to ensure a safe flight. To be honest, the weight restrictions are always quite forgiving – we’ve never gone over, and in one instance even ran to the local alcohol store for an extra flat of beer. Once you’re weighed, they pack your gear onto the plane, and utter the words… ‘Okay, get in.’ Nothing gets me more excited.


You’ll be shocked at just how smooth take-off is on a float plane. I mean, a soft woosh and you’re in the air. It really is incredible. And then you spend the next however long gawking at the beautiful Ontario wilderness below you. It’s exciting, interesting, beautiful, and fun – a great way to kick off a fishing trip. Landing is just as smooth. Woooosh, and you’re on the water. The pilot helps unload gear, and you’re off to the races. Flying is such a convenient, fun, and effective way to get into these places. Whether you’re on board for 10 minutes or 3 hours, you’re going to have a blast, and that’s because it’s a real adventure.



If you’re looking to try a fly-in trip and you aren’t sure what to expect or where to start, begin by searching for some Ontario or Algoma region air services. See where they fly and decide what works best for you. If you’re already preparing for a fly-in trip, the number one thing to expect is an EPIC time. Enjoy. Oh, and taaaaaake meee with youuu, PLEASE!


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