Family Fishing in Algoma Country

All the reasons why you should plan your next family fishing up here

Updated: By Mark Melnyk

I’ve been travelling through Algoma Country for years. Exploring the area for work, experiencing many of the activities, and fisheries the area has become so famous for. It wasn’t until I decided to take my family on a trip to Algoma that it hit me square in the face that I had been missing out – on a LOT. I should have included my loved ones on some of these work trips!

Algoma – PERFECT for Families


TNFF Host Colin McKeown bass fishing with his son. (Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

One thing the pandemic has taught many of us Ontario residents is just how incredible our very own backyard really is. I mean, an eight-hour drive straight shot from the urban sprawl that is the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) finds you emersed deep into the heart of Algoma Country. Deep in the heart of Ontario’s North! There you’ll find some of the most friendly and helpful people on earth, landscapes that leave you awestruck, wildlife which goes unmatched and so much water to explore, one can’t begin to start to scratch the surface. With all this a relatively short drive away, I’m surprised not many people from Ontario aren’t exploring this great region of the province. Not to mention out-of-province travellers or international visitors.

The Drive to Northern Ontario

We drove north on the Trans-Canada Highway headed toward Algoma Country. It’s a picturesque drive, so much so, my kids weren’t on their “devices” for much of the trip, watching keenly for bears, moose and big cats or foxes along the side of the road. The time of year was just before the boys were to go back to school. We were all looking very much forward to some quality family time before the routine of the next 10 months was to set in. Algoma is blessed with multiple outfitters and lodges to satisfy the needs of any traveller. Lodging includes Do it yourself outpost camps, housekeeping establishments and full-on American plan destinations. And with over 300 different lodges to choose from, Algoma has something for everyone.

Diverse Fishing Trips


Families with children of all ages visit Algoma each year to enjoy family time fishing. (Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

Do-it-yourself camps are just that, camps where you literally do everything on your own. From self-guiding, cooking and cleaning, often these places are fly-in locations and are very remote. You bring your food, fishing gear and bedding. They are a lot of fun and many people like them because you can create your own schedule while there. Often you and your family will be the only ones in the area and will have the lake to yourself.

Housekeeping lodges are a “step” above the outpost camps. They often will have a camp manager who lives on-site and looks after things like boat fuel, linens and any other administrative stuff you may need while there. You will cook and clean on your schedule but that’s still the beauty of a housekeeping lodge, you can create your own schedule.

For those looking for a true “do nothing” vacation, American Plan lodges are the way to go. Everything is looked after for you including cooking, cleaning, linens, fishing guide and the like. Generally, all you need to bring is your fishing gear and a great attitude!

What We Chose On This Trip


(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

We were going to a crossover between a housekeeping lodge and an American Plan. It was the choice of whether we wanted to cook or use the on-site restaurant for our meals. We did a bit of both, as a family we love to cook together. Upon arrival, we got ourselves unpacked and fired up the outdoor fire pit for an old-fashioned bonfire. Yes, we did have marshmallows… of course. We sat under the stars, talked about the wonderful summer we had just experienced and simply enjoyed each other’s company by firelight.

More Than Just Fishing


(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

The next morning, the kids were keen to get out and go fishing. So we did just that. Wielding equipment for bass and northern pike, we set out on a day’s adventure (in bathing suits) in search of fish and fun. Well, it wasn’t long before we found both! Fishing in Algoma is world-class! After a few hours, the boys were getting hungry, so we headed back for something to eat. After lunch, they wanted to play on the beach, swim and goof off in the water all the while, Mom and I watched and read by the lakeside! It was a perfect day in a perfect place. We basically did the same routine each day we were there and found it the perfect way to end the summer.

The drive to Algoma is well worth the adventure. With so many recreational opportunities all season long, Algoma is the perfect place to bring your family! It’s all about wide open spaces, fresh air, clean and pristine water and creating those memories for your kids…and for you as well.


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