Organic Farming on St. Joseph Island

Salamander Ridge Farm

Updated: By Sandra Trainor

Back in 1989, Peter and Kris Stinnisson purchased a little piece of paradise on beautiful St. Joseph Island, Ontario. At that time, they were working and living in Wawa, Ontario and spent their summer vacations on the island. Years later, they made the move permanently to their nearly ninety acres of property on the Island just outside of Richards Landing.


Photo credit: Greg Cull

Peter and Kris have a passion for nature and sustaining wildlife habitats. Their passions are demonstrated in farming practices, where their market garden follows organic practices, using certified organic seeds, no spraying of chemicals on their plantings and using organic fertilizer.



Photo credits: Greg Cull

“Our birds, (chickens, ducks and geese) are fed certified organic feed along with allowing them to roam free range on the farm,” said Peter.

I met up with Peter and Kris on a Sunday afternoon (their day off) and they talked about the farm and what they offer customers. “Our ducks and geese only lay their eggs for a few months of the year, but our chickens are layers year-round. Our customers really appreciate the taste and diversity of our eggs for certain foods. For example, our goose and duck eggs are excellent in fresh egg pasta recipes.”



Photo credits: Greg Cull

Peter’s grandfather was a successful market gardener in Holland. When both Kris and Peter retired in 1999, market gardening on their property on St. Joe’s Island became the natural thing to do. Named after the salamanders on the property and the ridge found in the back of their property they decided to call their farm: Salamander Ridge Farm.

They grow a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, squash, greens, peas, beans, cucumber, zucchini and much more. For a full list of what they grow, check out the website here:


Photo credit: Greg Cull

In addition to the fresh eggs from their birds and fresh vegetables from their garden, Kris is kept busy with value-added products with many of the ingredients taken directly from the farm. Preserves, jams, pickles and jellies as well as fresh baking like scones, fresh bread and cookies. “We do special orders for our customers who need a quantity of baking for special occasions. They just need to give me at least a day’s notice”, said Kris.


Photo credit: Salamander Ridge Farms

Salamander Ridge Farms has been a staple at the Algoma Farmers’ Market for over 20 years now and they also do the Hilton Beach Farmers’ Market in the summer.


Photo credit: Salamander Ridge Farms

“We also take part in the annual St. Joseph Island Country Road Open House, which happens the weekend before Thanksgiving weekend.”

The Open House is a self-guided agricultural tourism event and it’s an opportunity for everyone to get out and enjoy the fall colours on the scenic country roads of the island, where you can drive from place to places like farms, rural studios, and village shops. Visitors can shop for fall produce, preserves, baking, quilting, woodworking, knitting, artwork and a lot more.

It was a pleasure meeting with Kris and Peter and learning from them. They have a wide body of knowledge of how their farm works and all the living things on and in it. Their respect for nature is inspiring.

Salamander Ridge Farm

1345 C Line, Highway 548, St. Joseph Island
Find them at the Algoma Farmers’ Market and Hilton Beach Farmers’ Market
Farm sales by appointment: (705) 246-3019
Find Salamander Ridge Farm on Facebook

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