Red Roof Honey

Updated: By Sandra Trainor

Living as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible is important for Lisa and Jeff Spence and their family.

“We love the satisfying and comforting feeling of growing and raising our own food.”

I caught up with Lisa Spence recently and she enthusiastically told me their story. She told me that she and her husband, along with their three children have been able to live their chosen lifestyle for many years and when an opportunity to buy their very own farm property came up during the pandemic, they jumped on it.


Owners Lisa and Jeff Spence. Photo Credit: Red Roof Honey

“We have always kept a large vegetable garden and have been interested in bees and their importance to food and sustainability. We took a course in beekeeping from a local apiarist and started with four hives. At that time, we rented farmland near Stroud, which is in Innisfil, Ontario. That was in 2017, and the first year, the hives survived their first winter, which encouraged us to grow our apiary.”


Photo Credit: Red Roof Honey

“We decided we wanted to live on our own farm because we wanted to raise our children on one. Our search took us from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia. Our must-haves for the property were that it must have a good house, enough land to hold cattle and good internet service. We came across some property just outside of Thessalon, Ontario and we travelled up, determined it was the right decision and we bought it. We moved into our new home, in June 2021,”  said, Lisa.


Photo Credit: Red Roof Honey

I learned from Lisa that Red Roof Honey not only produces liquid honey, but also beeswax candles, and beekeeping equipment for other fledgling beekeepers. They currently have forty hives and plan to increase them to over one hundred. Their plans include offering introductory courses for the growing community of beekeepers in Algoma along with selling some bee colonies to get them started. Workshops in beeswax candle making will also be offered. For community events, at their booth, they will have their “observation hives” (hives with glass fronts) to showcase the wonderful and secret world of bees and what they do. Expanding their retail offerings is also in the works. Their own raised beef and pork will be available for sale shortly too.


Photo Credit: Red Roof Honey

Red Roof products are available directly from their farm (Please call before visiting) and at these locations in and around Algoma.




Sault Ste Marie

“One of the things that drew us into beekeeping is that nothing goes to waste. Everything used that bees produce, honey, wax, propolis and pollen. We love knowing that our bees get to be part of the process of pollination of plants which is so vital to our food system and our environment.”


Photo Credit: Red Roof Honey

The Spence family is dedicated to the art of beekeeping in Algoma. By doing so, they are keeping this activity sustainable for the betterment of our planet and in turn, our food system. The fact that they are making a living at it is a big bonus. They are doing all of this and they want to share their knowledge with the community and visitors. I am excited to see them grow and thrive!

Contact Information

Red Roof Honey
Lisa and Jeff Spence
21 Feltham Road, Thessalon ON P0R 1L0
PH: 705-279-5566

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Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Sandra is a Freelance Marketing Consultant. Sandra recently returned to her hometown and believes that food brings people together, no matter what their background and that food grown and produced close to us should be not only supported, but celebrated.

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