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Hikes on the Voyager Trail

Communities in the region are gateways to hiking nearby trails

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Hiking trails are plentiful in Algoma. Trails may be in a provincial park, or a network of trails maintained by local volunteers. In this blog, we will talk about the many hikes on the Voyageur Trail which has trailheads near the communities of Blind River, Huron Shores, Echo Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, and Wawa.

The Voyageur Trail system is dedicated to wilderness-style hiking through parts of the North Channel of Lake Huron to Lake Superior and our neighbours into Northeastern Ontario and Superior Country. Because of the proximity to communities, visitors will find places to stay, food and drink at local eateries and restaurants, services, attractions, and shopping. The Voyageur Trail system has about 500 km of trail in the geography of Lakes Huron and Superior and is maintained by a network of volunteer clubs.

Hikes On The Voyageur Trail – East Algoma

Desbarats-Huron Shores – 93. km

The main trail is between Tower Lake and the community of Iron Bridge. The trail has scenic vistas and highlights including the Mississagi River Valley, Basswood Lake, and the Kirkwood Forest. The Kirkwood Forest is a land reclamation project that began in the 1920s. The trail also leads into Bruce Mines.
Classification: moderate to difficult

Iron Bridge Veteran's Bridge

You can connect directly to the Voyageur Trail at the Veteran’s Bridge in Iron Bridge in the Municipality of Huron Shores. Photo credit: Lortz Photo

Echo Ridges – 57.8 km

This trail runs between Mabel Lake in the city of Sault Ste. Marie to Tower Lake. The trail passes through Garden River First Nation and you will need a vehicle access road pass which the Band Office issues. The trail leads past several inland lakes and scenic vistas north of Echo Bay.
Classification: difficult


Echo Bay is home to the Loon Dollar Monument on Hwy 17B. It’s dedicated to Mr. Carmichael, the artist responsible for the Loon Dollar design, who is a township resident.

Penewobiking – 48.5 km

This section passes through a diverse landscape of lakes, rivers, and rocky points of land north of Blind River. There are many access points to the trail and highlights are Whitefish Falls, Granary Lake and the Potomac River valley.
Classification: moderate or difficult

Hikes On The Voyageur Trail – North Algoma

Saulteaux-Goulais – 85.1 km

These trails have been designed to be completed as day trips and most access points are within the city limits of Sault Ste. Marie. There are 9 loop trails and trails pass through a beautiful, wooded landscape with stunning vistas, and waterways. Some interesting points of interest include the coastline of Lake Superior, the Prince Wind Farm and Hiawatha Highlands.
Classification: moderate to difficult


Crystal Falls is located in Kinsmen Park. View the cascading waters from viewing platforms built beside and above this waterfall. Photo credit: Meaghan Kent

Harmony-Stokely – 38.2 km

This section offers one main trail, loops and side trails with lengths suitable for day trips. The hiking terrain is rugged with elevation changes. It has some awesome views from points of interest including the western half of King Mountain, the Robertson Cliffs are part of the land owned by the Algoma Highlands Conservancy and Harmony and Havilland Bay areas.
Classification: difficult with steep climbs

Michipicoten – 18 km

This trail has four sections that pass by the town of Wawa and along Lake Superior’s rugged shoreline. The wilderness in this area is beautiful, with waterways and scenic vistas. Some of the trail extends to Lake Superior Provincial Park.
Classification: mostly difficult

Accessing Maps Resources

You can get the information for these trail systems through the Voyageur Trail Association. The Ondago App can be used offline and shows your location in real time. You can also download maps and print them for convenience from which you can download your desired maps too. Another great feature of the Ondago App is called Share My Location. You can share your movements on the trail with other Ondago users. Click here to check out the trails and how you can access detailed hiking maps.

Safety on the Voyageur Trail

What to Expect When on Hiking Trails

  • Trails may vary in level of difficulty. Know your skill level as a hiker to enjoy trails and safety.
  • Trails may take you through forest settings, up or down hills, past waterways, and lakes, and lead to breathtaking scenic lookouts with views of mountains, trees, or water.
  • Trails are marked and for safety, don’t take any shortcuts.
  • Some trails may go through private property, so stay on the trail and don’t hop the fences.
  • Follow ‘Leave No Trace’ which helps to respect the nature around you. What you take in, please take out.
  • Most importantly, don’t feed local wildlife! We’ve got a great blog here that will help conserve and preserve nature in the region plus some resources to be bear-wise.
  • Trails are non-motorized too, and built to hike, backpack, snowshoe and bushwhack ski.

Things to Pack

  1. Food and water – especially bottles with a water filter or purification tablets. These clean your water in an emergency and can use stream, river, or lake water. You can buy these from Great Lakes Outfitters
  2. Depending on the time of year – dress in layers, it’s better to have extra clothing in an emergency.
  3. Hiking boots – it’s always best to wear the proper footwear.
  4. Sunscreen – sunburns are not fun!
  5. Bug Spray – depending on the time of year of course, but from Spring to Fall, it’s good to have spray.
  6. Satellite Communication Device – cell service may not always work in Northern Ontario.


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