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Updated: By Colin Field

It isn’t the crystal-clear, turquoise waters, the ocean-like views of Lake Superior or the beauty of the boreal forests. It isn’t even the wildlife or the mind-blowing scenery around every corner. It’s something much more seductive than that; it’s that strip of curvaceous asphalt that stretches for mile after mile through this incredible landscape. That’s what motorcyclists are flocking to Algoma Country for.


Let’s face it; as riders, we’re experts on roads. We know the ones worth riding and the ones to avoid. We want smooth tarmac to travel on, endless curves to lean into and terrain that inspires us to move. The roads up here tick all those boxes. Undulating through the Canadian Shield, you slice through rock cuts, ascend and descend the ancient mountains and revel in the beauty of Ontario’s true north.

As you pass through Lake Superior Provincial Park on the Trans Canada Highway, you skirt the shoreline of the world’s largest lake. Superior, which means higher in rank, status or quality, is the perfect descriptor. Deeper and bigger than all the other Great Lakes, it’s arguably the most beautiful too. This means travelling on a shoreline-hugging road is an absolute treat. From the 200-metre cliffs that plunge into Superior at Old Woman Bay to the 3 km-long beach at Agawa Bay, the highway travels for 83 km through this incredible park.


And while the amenities are few and far (but not too far) between, the quality of them makes up for the quantity. Small, family-run places are windows into local culture; a friendly culture that remains seemingly unaffected by the digital age.


With Ride Lake Superior’s help, you can quickly navigate the best roads in the county. Numerous loops and itineraries are available and the Grand Algoma Tour has repeatedly been named the top weekend motorcycle tour in Ontario.

If you’re looking for your next two-wheeled destination, try riding Lake Superior. It’s an epic motorcycle journey you’ll never forget.


About Colin Field

Colin is an award-winning photographer and writer, specializing in outdoor travel and adventure. He is the editor-at-large with Mountain Life Magazine. He is based in Collingwood, Ontario.

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