The Rock Candy Mountain Trail

There may not be actual candy at the top, but the view is a real treat!

Updated: By Cory St. Pierre

Algoma Country never ceases to amaze you during the fall season! The region offers several opportunities for refreshing and colourful hikes that will allow you to de-stress and explore nature. Although there are several trails to choose from, the Rock Candy Mountain Trail should be at the top of your fall hiking list!

Located approximately 35 km/21 mi North of the town of Thessalon, the Rock Candy Mountain Trail is a 1.5 km/0.9 mi hike to a gorgeous panoramic lookout over Cumming Lake, Axe Lake and Tunnel Lake. To access the trailhead, head North from Thessalon on Highway 129 and take your first right after the Tunnel Lake Trading Post. A short drive down the gravel road will bring you to the signed trailhead with a large clearing for parking.



Although the trail is marked at a short 3 km/1.8 mi round trip, the majority of the trail is uphill giving you quite the leg workout by the time you reach the lookout so, be sure to bring appropriate footwear. Other than that, the trail is rather easy to navigate and the trail path is relatively clear of debris (roots, rocks, etc.) with the exception of a few fallen trees that are to circumvent.


The beginning of the trail stays quite flat before you begin to notice the subtle incline ahead. As you continue further into your adventure, you will notice the quiet and peacefulness created by the dense surrounding trees only hearing the muffled crunch of the colourful fallen leaves that now line the forest floor.



During this time of year, the change in colours and growth of the flora that outlines the trails creates the perfect backdrop for naturally vibrant photos. Throughout your hike, you won’t be able to restrain yourself from stopping to enjoy the surreal setting and snapping a photo. However, there’s no rush! As the trail begins its full incline, take your time and extend your adventure by taking in and enjoying your surroundings.




Once you reach the final stretch of your ascent, you will be greeted by a stunning panoramic overlook as far as the eye can see! The top of the mountain provides several flat rocks to take a break or stop for lunch. Additionally, the mountaintop offers not 1 but 3 breathtaking lookout spots as you continue along the path.


When you have finished exploring and have taken your final photos, it’s time to return on the same trail back to your vehicle. The trip back is much easier as now the trail is almost entirely downhill offering you a different perspective and a higher vantage point of the trail from above for your return.

If you decide to hike the Rock Candy Mountain Trail, I highly recommend arriving early in the morning as the Mississagi Valley and Thessalon area offer other trails and attractions to explore.

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