Walleye & Brook Trout Gold in Algoma

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Fish’n Canada had a couple of interesting shoots in the 2017 season in the Algoma region of Ontario. First was a trip to Blue Fox Camp for a shot at world class brook trout in tiny lakes and the other was Loch Island Lodge for walleye.


Blue Fox Camp has access to many gorgeous trout lakes like this.

The Blue Fox shoot didn’t disappoint. Angelo took the reigns on this one as he headed into the back lakes via ATV. After a 20-minute trek through the trails he ended up at a tiny lake that boasts some of the biggest “specks” that he’s ever seen. Along with one of his personal best brook trout between 6 & 8 pounds, he got a bonus of a bunch of fiery, wound up lake trout. This is a great episode and definitely worthy of viewing.


Angelo Viola with a gorgeous Algoma Brook Trout.

Trip 2 to Loch Island Lodge had Pete team up with Danny Thompson from Garmin as they attempted to re-draw over the existing depth maps with Garmin’s latest Quickdraw feature. By scanning and then fishing many of the lodges usual hotspots they were able to pick apart newly discovered “spots within spots”. This turned a rather tough shoot (the Mayfly hatch was in full force) into a great show.


Re-charting a body of water has never been so easy.

As per usual, the Algoma region came through again!

The story and photos was submitted by Pete Bowman, Co-host of “The Fish’n Canada Show“.


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