Picking Your Fishing Trip

All choices lead to one thing: memories that last a lifetime

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Algoma Country is known for outdoor adventure. It’s a landscape of 28,000 square miles with thousands of lakes, streams and rivers. The region is home to Ontario’s popular fish species: northern pike, walleye, bass, salmon, species of trout, and muskie. And panfish like whitefish and perch. The region has three types of trips you can pick: drive-in, train-in and fly-in fishing trips.

No matter the type of fishing trip you choose, all lead to one thing: memories that last a lifetime. We’ve compiled some tips below to help narrow it down.

How Far Do You Want To Travel To The Destination

How far is it? This a popular question from potential visitors. Some visitors will drive as far as possible for their ultimate fishing adventure! For others who’ve never been to Algoma before, it may seem a little far. But consider distance as part of the adventure! See new landscapes, new attractions, restaurants and shops worth stopping for.

Drive-in Fishing Trips


Brook trout fishing in area lakes and rivers.

It’s exactly what it sounds like a place you can drive to. Accommodations are usually lodges and resorts, offering American Plan or Housekeeping Plan packages. Drive-in fishing trips are great for families and getaways with friends. And when the fishing is done, you will still find plenty of activities to do!

  • Some drive-in lodges and resorts have additional campgrounds if you want the option to RV
  • Some offer playground equipment or watersports equipment like paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks for guest use
  • American Plan, Housekeeping Plan, and Weekly Cottage Rates are the types of packages and plans offered at these property types
  • Some are open year-round for winter trips like ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing
  • Fishing guide services can be arranged

Train-in Fishing Trips


Train-in fishing trips are unique. The VIA Rail Budd Car provides transportation between Sudbury, in Northeastern Ontario to White River in Algoma. This passenger rail service is a one-of-kind way to access some lodges. Travel comfortably along the route with large windows on either side of the train car. The train passes through beautiful wilderness, lakes, rivers, Northern communities, or old abandoned sites reclaimed by nature. There’s a lot of history along this rail line. Once you arrive at the designated stop, your hosts will be there to welcome you and take you to the lodge.

  • Board the train in Sudbury, Chapleau or White River depending on where you’re travelling from
  • You need to supply your own lunch, snacks, and drinks for the train trip
  • American Plan and Housekeeping Plan packages are offered at the lodges along the line
  • Train tickets must be booked separately from fishing packages
    • Packages are designed to ensure you train in and out on time
    • Owners will tell you how to book your tickets and identify their stop along the line
  • There’s flexibility for baggage on the train. For example, outdoor recreational equipment like bicycles or Stand-Up Paddleboards are allowed as baggage

Fly-in Fishing Trips


The workhorse of the north, the bushplane flies into many remote lakes to lodges and outposts for outstanding fishing.

The fly-in fishing trip is known as the quintessential Canadian adventure. A flight by floatplane will take you to remote places where fishing cannot be accessed by car or rail. Soar above the landscape that can only be seen by air. We can promise breathtaking views of mountains, trees, lakes, streams, and rivers as far as the eye can see. It really is that spectacular! This is the type of trip where you truly get away from it all to disconnect and reconnect with nature. Imagine being the only angler on the lake!

  • Air Services can be found across the region: Hearst, Nakina, Hornepayne, White River, Hawk Junction, Wawa, Chapleau, Foleyet, Armstrong, Algoma Mills, Blind River, Elliot Lake
  • American Plan packages are offered for lodges and resorts, and Housekeeping Plan packages are offered for lodges, resorts and remote outposts
  • Weight restrictions apply so you should request a packing list to confirm with lodge and resort owners what they provide
    • Create a packing list well in advance and plan what you need to bring. If you’re cooking for yourself, creating a menu and an ingredients list is helpful
  • If staying at a lodge or resort, there is usually a camp store on-site to help with some necessities if needed

Things To Do & Activities Besides Fishing


If you’re travelling with family or friends who don’t want to fish all day, there are lots of things to do at remote lodges:

  • kayak, canoe, stand-up paddling, paddle boats, swimming
  • hiking, nature walks
  • birdwatching and wildlife viewing
  • guided tours of the lake to learn about the history and natural landscape are sometimes offered
  • nature photography, Plein Air painting
  • Star gazing, looking for the Northern Lights
  • Enjoy campfires
  • Relaxing, you’re on vacation, you don’t have to do anything!

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