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Algoma Country in Northern Ontario is the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone and experience a remote, DIY fly fishing adventure. With hundreds of lakes, rivers, and streams to explore, anglers have the opportunity to access secluded, remote and pristine bodies of water teeming with multi-species fish – some of the giant proportions.

What Is A Remote DIY?


Outfitters have realized the desire of fly anglers to get out, to get away from it all and to experience fishing that is wild and unpressured. DIY outpost camps allow for all that and more. For most adventures, anglers are dropped off by seaplane on a secluded lake not accessible by roads or even trails. On this lake, anglers will find a cabin outfitted with all you need for a comfortable stay on your adventure. All you need to bring is your food, personal effects, bedding, fishing gear and a great attitude.  The entire lake is yours for the length of your trip.

Why DIY?


Many DIY outfitters have strategically placed their camp on a special lake. Special for a variety of reasons including specific species, numbers of fish, size of fish or diversity of species targetable by anglers. Those camps are located on this specific lake for a reason! It’s important to let your outfitter know exactly what you are looking for in your adventure so they can direct you on which body of water will be best for your party.

DIY outpost camps allow for the freedom of time. You and your group can come and go from the cabin as you wish. Your group can fish as much or as little as you want. Eat based on your schedule or sleep the morning away. DIY camps allow for the freedom of food. You’re in charge of your menu planning and can stock your propane or solar-fueled fridge with what you and your group like to eat.


Some outpost camps in Algoma Country allow access to spectacular access to specific species of fish, and the best part is they don’t see much pressure over the season. Some more popular species targeted are:

Brook Trout – be they in lakes or rivers, targeting unpressured brook trout truly are a species to behold. Mother Nature was on POINT when she created the brook trout and we’d challenge any species to match the coloration of a wild eastern brookie. They readily eat flies both subsurface and on top.

Northern Pike – outpost camp pike is equally as unpressured as most other species. They rarely see flies and aren’t shy about attacking boat side. There are inlays the rush of targeting these northern water wolves. In springtime, they will readily eat surface flies and are a riot to catch on the fly all season long.


Smallmouth Bass – arguably the strongest freshwater fish pound for pound, smallmouth bass are distributed all over Algoma Country! They populate many northern lakes and will voraciously attack anything that looks like food. With high-flying acrobatics, you never know what tricks smallmouth will throw at you in an attempt to shake the hook.

Lake Trout – in the spring and in the fall, the leviathans of the deep come shallow. Spring season finds lake trout emerging from their winter depths in search of baitfish on the spawn. They will chase in shallow bays adjacent to deep water. In the fall the big lake trout make their return to shallow reefs in spawning mode. They will often appear in the nastiest of weather testing many anglers.

Trip Planning


DIY outpost camps make the leadup to your adventure incredibly fun. Once you have your cabin reserved, know what species you’ll be targeting and what specific amenities are at the outpost, you can let the trip planning begin! Planning your Food, drink, clothing, fishing equipment, extra gear and of course flies, is a wonderful part of the outdoor experience. It instills excitement and anticipation leading up to the adventure.   For a list of oft-forgotten items that could be considered essential for a trip check out this list.

Here is a list of Remote Outposts in Algoma Country.

The Reality Of An Outpost Camp

There are a lot of unknowns that can occur during an outpost camp stay, and for many, that’s what makes them so much fun. From weather events, wildlife, living completely off the grid and getting back to nature, outpost camps can be often considered “roughing it”. Be prepared to roll with the punches when on an outpost adventure. So, there’s a mouse in the house? You’re in their home. Has the weather turned bad? Pull out the deck of cards. The shower is a trickle? Jump in the lake. The bugs are bad? Add more bug spray. Does your arm hurt from catching too many fish? Take a painkiller and tough it out! The ability to be flexible in the bush can make or break your trip.


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