Dreaming of a Fly-In Fishing Adventure

Updated: By Jenna McKeown

Usually, I am one of those rare people who absolutely adore winter. I love the snow, and the outdoor activities, I don’t even mind the cold. This year, however, something about the dreary weather and the appearance of Jack Frost isn’t quite what I had in mind. Instead of my usual winter fantasies, I find myself daydreaming of float planes, fishing lodges, and sunny days on the lake. As a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, fly-in fishing lodges are one of my all-time favourite ways to explore incredible fisheries and wildlife. If like me, your heart is longing for a fly-in fishing adventure, there’s no better destination than the Algoma region of Northern Ontario.


It’s often thought that trips to fly-in fishing lodges are only accessible to those with deep pockets willing to pay a hefty fee for an epic fishing adventure. However, in Algoma, that just isn’t the case. Similar to their drive-to counterparts, the fly-in lodge operations located throughout Algoma have a variety of packages and price points available, making fly-in fishing trips more accessible and affordable than ever. Scattered across the expansive Algoma region, these fly-in lodges provide anglers exclusive access to remote lakes, rivers, and streams that hold a plethora of desired species. Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Brook Trout, Lake Trout and more…all with the beauty of true wilderness and wildlife as the backdrop. What else could an angler ask for?

Of course, as with any trip, your price point often corresponds directly to how extravagant a trip you’re looking to take. Luckily, Algoma has it all. With well over two dozen fly-in fishing operations available to choose from, anglers should have no trouble finding the perfect outfitter to suit their needs.

Fly-In Fishing Lodges

For anglers who dream of luxury and relaxation, a full-service lodge is just what the doctor ordered. These lodges have it all American Plans, stunning accommodations, luxurious amenities, a variety of services (some even provide guiding), and of course, epic fishing. If this sounds like a dream come true, you’re in luck, as many of these lodges exclusively offer guests this full-service experience.

Of course, just as with some of the drive-in lodges located in Algoma, there are many fly-in operators who have a variety of packages and accommodations to choose from, whether you’re looking for an American-Plan, Housekeeping only, or a self-sufficient outpost experience. Blue Fox Camp (American Plan and Outpost), Pine Portage Lodge (American Plan and Housekeeping), and Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort (American Plan, Housekeeping, and Cottages) are only a few examples of the incredible fly-in options anglers have to choose from in Algoma that the New Fly Fisher has visited recently. Here is a full list of lodges.

Fly-In Outpost Camps

If you’re someone who prefers their wilderness fishing adventures a little more remote, self-sufficient, and affordable, you may want to explore the idea of booking a trip to a fly-in Outpost Camp. With this option, guests are flown to a remote outpost location, where they have access to accommodations (including cooking facilities) and boats. However, guests are expected to arrange and provide their own food, gear, and personal necessities. Operators that exclusively offer outpost camp experiences include Hearst Air Service, Lauzon Aviation, and White River Air Service.

What’s more, for those guests who want the best of both worlds with drive-in and fly-in lodging options and packages, Algoma has that too. The New Fly Fisher has also visited lodges such as Air-Dale Fishing and Hunting, and Loch Island Lodge has both fly-in and drive-in options, as well as a variety of packages, available.

As we continue to face challenges and uncertain times, looking ahead to future trips and better days on the water help to sustain me and give me hope. Ontario lodges, outfitters, and air services are excited to welcome international anglers! Ontario and Algoma will be here waiting for you.


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