Fly Fishing with Mice Patterns

Mice Patterns to Catch Bass, Trout and Pike

Updated: By Colin McKeown

For fly fishers, using mice patterns on the surface can lead to some of the most explosive and exciting takes.


big explosive northern pike

Mice maybe cute but to big predatory fish they are an easy meal. Mice often fall off grassy banks and out of trees into the water. Big predators such as smallmouth bass, northern pike and brook trout will readily eat these high-protein meals if the opportunity presents itself.

fly fishing mice patterns
Mice made of deer hair or foam will all equally work. use a short stiff leader to 12 lb tippet. A good leader would be 6-8 feet long. If you have northern pike in the area, ensure you use a wire bite tippet. Cast mice patterns around visible structures such as boulders, fallen trees, grassy river edges and other similar locations. Slowly retrieve the mouse pattern giving it an enticing swimming motion by wiggling your rod tip during the retrieve. Takes will be heart-stopping explosions which is one of the strongest reasons why you want to try this style of fishing.

Learn which fly patterns are best to catch fat smallmouth bass, big northern pike and chunky brook trout by clicking here

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