Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park

Ivanhoe Lake is a popular spot for fishing trips, canoe outings and family holidays. The long curving lip of sandy beach with warm shallow water beckons you to swim. Hike to bogs and kettle lakes or gently paddle to a secluded spot to be on the lookout for moose.

Situated in the heart of the boreal forest, this park is located between Chapleau and Timmins. Several small lakes in park are kettle lakes, formed when great blocks of glacial ice broke off leaving deep impressions in the earth that filled with water. Look for eskers, long winding ridges of gravel or sand deposited by the melting waters of a retreating glacier.

A special feature of Ivanhoe is the unusual “quaking bog”. This is an old kettle lake overgrown with vegetation and over centuries, the plant cover on the water becomes a sort of floating mat. These can be seen from one of the nature trails — the bog shimmies and shakes when disturbed. Hikers are encouraged to look but not touch so as to not disturb the fragile vegetation.

Facilities and Services:

  • 108 camping (some with electricity)
  • Flush toilets, showers, day-use area, barrier free access, rentals, group camping, laundry, park store, boat launch, playground, visitor centre, French services
  • Open mid-May to early September


  • Hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, wildlife viewing, natural heritage education

What’s Nearby:

  • Chapleau, Foleyet (accommodations, restaurants, shopping, gas stations)


Box 191, Foleyet, ON, P0M 1T0
Phone: (705) 899 2644
Learn more: www.ontarioparks.com/park/ivanhoelake

Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park