Package: Black Bear & Moose Hunting Packages


Pasha Lake Cabins

Pasha Lake Cabins Hunting Packages include weekly cabin rentals all equipped with 24/7 power, hot/cold running water, modern showers & toilet, linens and full kitchenette to include coffee maker, microwave, range top & oven, pots, pans and all cutlery. Everything you and your group will need to enjoy your hunting trip!

Black Bear Hunting
Bear hunters choosing Pasha Lake Cabins quickly learn that the opportunity to harvest isn’t the only advantage we offer, it’s the refreshing honesty, the tireless service, and the legitimate expertise. From relentless baiting, to post-harvest care, Pasha Lake stands alone as the foremost Black Bear Hunting destination in all of North America.

Moose Hunting
With Pasha Lake being centrally located between the 2 zones, it stands to reason the moose harvest opportunities are endless. The surrounding ecosystem of both deciduous and coniferous tree stands is a preferred haven for the local moose population, and it shows in the Pasha Lake’s annual harvest rates. In fact, since 2005, there have been 2 bulls dispatched that have made the provincial record books.

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