The Sylvan Circle Tour

The Complete List of Artisans

Updated: By Sheri Minardi

The Sylvan Circle Tour artists invite you to spend a glorious fall day exploring the diverse artistry of our region. We welcome visitors to discover what it means for artists and artisans to live and work in their communities. The tour is self guided and absolutely free. Look for the Sylvan Circle signs.

Each year there are over 50 artists and artisans showing in community halls and studios on the 100 km Sylvan Circle Tour, taking in some of our area’s most picturesque scenery.

In addition, a number of the exhibitors demonstrate during the day, and local groups sell food and drink at many of the tour sites.

Check out the SCT website:

For more information contact Skip Bailey at (705) 946-3774 or

The following halls and studios exhibit 57 artists and artisans on this year’s Sylvan Circle Tour 2016:

Bruce Mines Community Hall


Michele Forrester and Hans Wesselius draw inspiration from the unique grains and patterns in wood. Their work includes wall sculptures, plaques and functional wood pieces.
(705) 782-6938

Sheila Currie’s artwork portrays cultural awareness and global understanding from the artist’s perspective. Come see her world renowned works!
(705) 842-3599

Nancy Sachro creates functional and decorative fabric art using a wide variety of techniques, fabrics, fibres and found objects.
(705) 759-8496

Gil Sachro unites function and design to create a diverse range of tableware and one-of-a-kind pottery. Pieces are uniquely carved, textured and glazed.
(705) 759-8496

Kim McHale utilizes cheerful colour combinations when creating fused glass items that are nature inspired, yet whimsical.
(705) 782-0164

Zoey Wood-Salomon paints in the traditional Woodland style reflecting her Odawa heritage. Zoey has one book published called “Healing Through Art”.
(705) 759-4897

Jude Ortiz is an award winning Goldsmith Silversmith with one-of-a-kind studio designs. She creates fine jewellery for every day pleasure and special occasions.
(705) 942-8283

Bruce Station


Janice Miller’s hand-stitched English smocked garments, unique fabric snowmen, moose and winter creations are today’s gifts and tomorrow’s treasures.
(705) 942-8051

Mike Nebesniuk is a landscape photographer who enjoys the surrealistic look of HDR photography finding beauty where others would not.
(705) 257-1198

Sarah MacDonald is inspired by local Canadian wildlife when she creates her watercolour animal silhouettes with an array of flowers and foliage.
(705) 248-3163

Jan Mosher’s unique, one-of-a-kind Fairy and Gnome houses and accessories are made of stoneware, for indoor and outdoor gardens.
(705) 254-7905

Gerry Richard designs fine home decor allowing the characteristics of new and reclaimed materials to create unique and functional pieces.
(705) 946-4811

Desbarats Arena


Sarah Buckley designs and weaves functional household textiles and personal accessories using natural fibres.
(705) 246-2819

Eileen Halfpenny’s paintings maintain their own identity and sense of control, although she is capable of emulating styles like Abstract Expressionism or Impressionism.
(705) 942-4464

Bev Hamel is a potter; her goal is to create comfortable, practical high-fired stoneware pieces that serve to enhance decorative elements.
(705) 248-2176

Bob Hamel uses local and exotic woods and strives to feature their inherent beauty in every piece that he creates.
(705) 248-2176

Carson Merriefield, a fused glass artist whose work encompasses a wide range of ‘kiln formed’ creations, from jewellery to functional items and art.
(705) 971-9389

Ralpha Cady’s handcrafted dolls are made of double-knit with embroidered faces. They are dressed in prints and filled with 100% polyester fiberfill.
(705) 549-7945

Echo Bay Hall


Suzan Love’s art is inspired by her writing/poetry, created by her imagination and influenced by life and her love of fairytales.
(705) 943-7855

Jim & Joanie Lindamood Jim carves lifelike birds in tupelo or basswood. Joanie then completes each piece with detailed painting before being mounted on driftwood.
(705) 461-1745

Tiana Pollari loves to design her individual pieces to create unique jewellery using gemstones, crystal and natural elements.
(705) 942-2807 or cell (705) 206-1793

Leslie Burt carves in soapstone found worldwide. His sculptures come in a variety of colours caused by minerals leaching into the stone.
(705) 942-3777

Lise Portelance weaves colourful traditional blankets known as “catalognes”. Working with modern fibers she creates a variety of sizes that are machine washable.
(705) 843-2789

Marilyn Mill’s paintings of Lake Superior and the surrounding areas are created to express the beauty we have all around us.
(705) 254-7272

Stephanie Andrews is a graphite artist that captures the realism and beauty of wildlife.
(705) 297-1779

Wanita Barber’s trees are made from wire. They are hand manipulated into a one-of-a-kind design. Custom orders are available.
(705) 782-0436

Laura McRae creates beautifully handcrafted candles. She uses 100% pure Canadian beeswax in a variety of designs and sizes.
(705) 206-9071

Elks Hall       


Jack Dunning creates functional and decorative stoneware pottery, playing with many shapes and glazes. His photography also captures nature’s natural beauty.
(705) 248-2321

Russ Mason has been a weaver and dyer for over 40 years, Russ continues to explore functional woven structures and new colour combinations.
(705) 759-2086

Pat & Nancy Caldwell’s wood bands are hot water bent around forms and the covers feature fancy woods or watercolour nature art.
(705) 575-2231

Doug Hook has been a professional watercolour painter for 46 years. His work is in hundreds of collections around the world.
(705) 246-2457

Lawrence Howard’s unique woodturnings are emphasized by fine finishes.  His award winning pieces are both decorative and functional.
(705) 253-7983

Carmen Sims works with silver, copper and semiprecious stones. Carmen designs and creates jewellery that ranges from fun to classic, to absolutely elegant.
(705) 822-6395

Cathy Barton’s decorative and functional pieces range from napkin holders and vases to lamps and sun catchers in a rainbow of colours.
(705) 949-4487

Laird Hall


David Solomon is an award winning woodworker creating decorative boxes and serving boards from exotic woods and burls with complimentary colours and patterns.
(705) 759-8790

Karen Nisbet makes one-of-a-kind earthenware dishes and whimsical sculptures. She uses a wheel and hand building to create her unique creations.
(705) 949-6348

Susan Coventry is a nature and wildlife photographer who finds beauty and inspiration all around her. Photography has been a passion since her teens.
(705) 785-3274

Lou Lacroix is always original and creative. Her artwork is full of colour, movement. Lou’s recycled wool hats are practical and awesome.
(705) 843-0884

Jeanne Dumas was born and raised by the shores of Lake Superior which influences her jewellery creations of stone and natural materials.
(705) 882-2231

Leeburn Hall


Errol Caldwell Errol creates unique and functional woodturnings and wood products from native and exotic woods. He is a licensee with Ontario Wood.
(705) 248-1545

Melanie Springbett works in oil, acrylic, pastel and pencil drawings. She specializes in pet portraits and does commissions.
(705) 943-2592

Phil Jones is a First Nations artist from Garden River, Ontario whose art represents Woodland Legends and Teachings.
(705) 779-3958

MacLennan Hall


Sheri Minardi Photography captures wildlife, landscapes, still life, portraitures and commercial images in Algoma and area through her lens.
(705) 971-5616

Kelly Boyer specializes in all occasion floral design using both fresh and artificial flowers with special attention to Weddings and Sympathy arrangements.
(705) 542-8005

Graham Shell is a hobby builder of replica models built to scale with functioning components. Graham also makes many kitchen and household items.
(705) 246-2222

Laura Fleming mixes wire work and her love of pets to create one-of-a-kind jewellery for pets and their owners.
(705) 251-4471

Rydal Bank Hall


Skip Bailey uses wheel, hand building techniques and a variety of clay and glaze combinations to create functional, decorative and whimsical pottery.
(705) 946-3774

Steve Dyni releases the natural beauty of local and exotic woods creating bowls, vessels and decorative items for people to use and enjoy.
(705) 254-6021

Debra Morin’s original jewellery designs reflect nature’s colour, sparkle and beauty. Quality stones and crystals combine to create classic and distinctive pieces.
(705) 759-0414

Hugh Morrow finds watercolour media lends itself well when painting rustic subject matter. His work includes landscapes, marine life, people and floral.
(705) 946-2386

Sylvan Valley Hall


Lucy Boston is an award winning fabric artist using 100% cotton/batik for her wildlife/country quilt collections and Raggedy Ann/Andy dolls.
(705) 945-9294

Gayanne Bronicheski’s work includes beautiful one-of-a-kind stained glass from small window ledge birds to lamp shades, from full panels to personalized designs.
(705) 842-6994

Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus creates watercolours that capture cherished moments and treasured memories, turning them into loving reminders of special times.
(705) 253-0137

Lynden Pond creates high fired porcelain pottery in pastel coloured celadon glazes that are decorated with local flora and birds.
(705) 949-1057

Brian Tremblay is a photographer who primarily works in film and creates his black and white prints in a traditional darkroom.
(705) 541-8316


sylvan circle tour studios

Brander Studio – Hilkka Brander and her sister Lena Skyum, artfully recycle clothing and material by weaving them into beautiful, practical Finnish-style “rag rugs”.
(705) 785-3453 / 3842

S & S Creations – Stephanie Mitchell and Steve Haaksman combine stained glass, local stone and metal to truly create one-of-a kind and unique pieces.
(705) 785-2466

About Sheri Minardi

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Sheri Minardi is a retired teacher from the Algoma District School Board. Along with the love of teaching, Sheri has a passion for photography. Sheri Minardi Photography captures the magnificent Algoma region through her lens. She loves to set out on adventures to capture Wildlife, Landscape and Still Life.

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